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Thanks for joining us in our studies for Sabbath school! This page contains what we are currently studying. 

This last quarter of 2017, we are studying "Salvation By Faith Alone: The Book of Romans". Each lesson provides the appopriate pages in the quarterly, however, if you would like to download multiple weeks or editions of the quarterly please click here:  Links for entire quarterly 

by Amazing Facts                                 
  The Human Condition 
  Study Starting Sabbath Afternoon, October 14th-October 20th, 2017
  This will be studied in Sabbath School on October 21st.

"How often do you, even if only in your own mind, condemn others for things that you, yourself, are guilty of? Think about the untold numbers of Protestants who chose to die rather than give up the faith. How strong are we in the faith? Strong enough to die for it?"

Scripture References:  Romans 3:23, Romans 2:1-10, Romans 1:16-32         
Lesson: 3

Quarterly Study Materials:       Lesson #3: Quarterly.pdf

Audio of Lesson:                      Lesson #3: Audio Presentation.mp3    

Video of Lesson:                       Lesson #3: Video Presentation           
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