Church covid19 updates

As of: 3/17/2020 7:40pm PDT

All Physical Church Activities Cancelled


  • Effective immediately all church services and physical gatherings are cancelled until further notice

  • All extra meetings outside normal church activities  are also cancelled

  • However, we will be meeting virtually (online) for Bible Studies and having Zoom meetings for prayer; see our home page for more details


Use extra care if you fall into these high risk groups


These high-risk groups include: 

  • Any individual who is immuno-compromised

  • Any individuals aged 60+ who have underlying medical issues such as heart disease, diabetes, or lung disease

  • Any individuals age 80+ in any health condition.


Limit face to face interaction if possible


Limiting our face to face interaction is crucial. The exponential spread of the Wuhan Corona Virus must be mitigated.

From a statistical point of view fewer interactions means fewer people
will contract the virus. This will help our medical institutions to deal with cases of infection and buy time for the medical establishment to seek and find a cure.

See the graph below, it will illustrate why reduced contact and limited exposure is important. 





Please check back for updates.